Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Drew Young

Drew Young

A young up and coming artist from Vancouver Canada. his work is typically a collaboration of figurative painting and collage. He recently has shown work in London at the rook and raven art gallery, and other galleries in and around Vancouver and New york. He has recently become the youngest instructor of the federation of  Canadian artist, and instruction affiliate at the Barnabe and North Shore Guild teaching classes about oil painting. His art is internationally recognized  and he has been working on a project called Snag, which ids to get highly sought after works and exhibit them in one venue.

His work has a running narrative about lost and found adolescence, and moments where we, youth, act on impulses, often finding ourselves demonstrating irreverent, self-gratifying exploits. in his works he try to render these ideas. Majority of his works are rather large ranging from 24x24 to a whole wall instillation.

The Usual Lengthy Visit  40'x42' oil and collage on mahogany panel.

 Painting titled Skeptic by Drew Young
 Skeptic 28'x29' oil on mahogany.

Anderw Young Painting titled Isabelle
Isabelle 6"x9" collage and pencil on berch ply.


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