Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Gaetanne Lavoie is a Canadian born artist who has studied fine art at York University, San Francisco Academy of Art University, and  New York Academy of Art. She currently resides in New York. Her work focuses primarily on figures and their environment. Many of her works depict daily habits that people do with out thinking of what it is that they are doing, like walking across a street in a busy city or staring off into space while sitting on your bed.

"Girl on Bed" 26"x 26", Oil.

"Place St. Henri" 24"x48", Oil.

A common thread that holds of her works together is the fact that they seen to be painted as if they are just still frames from a film. This is clearly evident in the painting above titled "Place to St. Henri," the face of the man sitting in the middle is blurry as if this 'snpashot' was taken just as he was turning his head. Her works also have a tense atmosphere around them, as if somthing will happen if you just wait and see. This could also be tyed to the concept that the paintings are just still frames from an ongoing movie that you, the viewer have yet to watch.

"Thai Train" 20"x40", Oil.

Another concept that Lavoie likes to portray in her works are those little fleeting personal moments that happen everyday within the hussel and bussel of a busy city. One way that he captures this is by painting a subject alone and isolated, not only are these figures physically isolated from the crowds on the streets but the are also mentally alone; lost in their own thoughts. This idea of visually showing this precious moments that have happened to everyone is what makes her work so easily understandable and relatable.

"Polk Street" 18"x28", Oil.

"Happy Pills" 40"x60", Oil.


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