Monday, December 3, 2012

Hidden Meanings

Meghan Howland

Meghan Howland is an American artist who is based in Portland, Maine. She specializes in figure paintings that carry a weight of something that is slightly more distant. In many of her works the subjects faces are obscured by something often by birds. There also happens to be a question looming around the subjects of whether something is safe or dangerous. With this question the image tends to be snapshot like of a person going through interpersonal turmoil, this turmoil is usually expressed by the obscuring of the face. All of the these aptitudes happen while conveying a situation or mood that is slightly ambiguous. This ambiguous nature makes the issues to be up to the viewer to resolve what is happening, creating an unending range of emotions and possibilities.


"Vapors" 20 x 24, Oil on Canvas

"Ennui" 30 x 34, Oil On Canvas

"Wake Up" 40 x 302, Oil on Canvas

"Tony" 30 x 40, Oil On Canvas

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