Saturday, September 8, 2012

Allison Torneros

Allison Torneros
             From her website biography, "I'm a 75 year old woman living in a 20-something's body. Bay area bred, LA-based. I also go by the name HUEMAN. I've been a web designer, dancer, actress, branding consultant, but have never felt a stronger connection to anything like I do with the grittiness of splattered paint. I'm small, love life--but yet seem to hate everything at the same time, and my hands stay dirty. I do what I want!" I find that this is the best way to show the artist personality, through her own words, but to divulge. Allison Torneros has lived in California her whole life growing up in the Bay Area, and now living and working in LA. She when to school at UCLA where she got her Bachelors Degree in Design and Media Arts. She has held many jobs and work with web design at a young age.

Infection1    Lotus Blossom  Shark Weak 
( above top, The infection 1, watercolor and acrylic on canvas; second from top, Lotus Blossom, watercolor and sharpie on paper; bottom left, Shark Week, acrylic on canvas; bottom left, Allison Torneros. Was unable to get any measurements for works.)

Her method of painting is through splatter painting and then coming back to the work after the paint has dried to see what images can be pulled from the paint. Her method is like a more developed Jackson Pollock style and technique. She is a mixed media painter and graphic designer, in which she creates hybrid works driven by fast images and the online community. By being influenced by the fast paced Internet community she has become a new style pop-art, but does not focus on the consumer items like Andy Warhol did. In her style of pop art she focuses on what things, images, television shows, and other media items that people are talking about on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

In her most recent works,  she elegantly rendered images that poke through dreamy atmospheres of fluid elemental clouds and colors. Through doing this she tantalizes the viewers subconscious and relates to a younger age bracket through striking iconic illustrations. Torneros is inspired by nature, by psychology, and by dreams, which is evident in her executions of her works. To quote from her own website, "She goes with the feeling, conveying the kind of impressions that linger on the mind in the wake of sensual experience."

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