Friday, September 28, 2012

Spitalfeilds Griffiti

While wondering the street of London, England if you ever find yourself getting off the tube at the Underground stop of Liverpool Street then you just might fin one of the most amazing places on earth, Spitalfields right next to Whitechapel. Although it really isn't all that amazing, but if you are into street are it is like a modern museum on the city streets. Around each and every corner you can find artist work ranging from Banksy to Roa and much, much more.

( Roa's Heron Tower
This is just one of the many large scale works scattered throughout the city. Many can be found on Old Street, Hackney and even Brick Lane, where you can get the best bagels. this small part of town is such a hub of contemporary art that on your way up towards White chapel you go right past a white sculpture of a goat. Which was done by Kenny Hunter in January 2011.

Here are someother works done throughout the street some i could not find the name of the artist who did them but i remember seeing them while walking to my friends flat in Spitalfeilds.
         Many well know artist tend to have works found here in Spitalfields.

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