Sunday, September 30, 2012

Master of Atmosphere


 J.M.W. Turner is a Romantic painter form England from the eighteen hundreds. In his mature work there are definite characteristics like clarity and brightness and an overwhelming sense of light. In his work he would apply thick layers of pure hues and use thin layers of transparent hues to bring the parts together. His main goal or objectives in his works were to show the atmosphere and weather conditions. Many of his works mix steam, rain, clouds and smoke. Because of his masterful work illustrating the atmospheric effects during the industrial revolution he has been dubbed the Master of atmosphere of many. Majority of his paintings are of seascapes focusing on a storm that is in a way attacking the subject often a ship. Great examples of his amazing seascapes are The Fighting ‘ Temeraire’ tugged to her Last Berth, The Slave Ship and The Shipwreck.

The Fighting ‘ Temeraire’ tugged to her Last Berth to be broken up, 1838, oil on canvas, 91 x 122 cm

 The Slave Ship, 1840, oil on canvas, 90.8 x 122.6 cm
The Shipwreck by Joseph Mallord William Turner
 The Shipwreck, 1805, oil on canvas, 170.5 x 241.5 cm

Rain, Stream, and Speed, 1844, oil on canvas, 90.8 x 122 cm

J.M.W. Turner, Selfportrait done at the beginning of his career.

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